If you want to improve your productivity, first become fit.

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I spent about 5 years being utterly obsessed with fitness and going from a skinny little labradoodle to a hulky buff pitbull. Nope, just kidding, maybe just an athletic-looking Doberman. Well, to be honest, these are the only three breeds of dogs that I could think of from the top of my head. But you get my drift. Reflecting back on those years of trying to become like a buff pitbull, I learned what it takes to transform your body, and one feeling kept coming back to me. If I…

The future of work.

The change in the way we work has been coming for a while. Change usually needs a push from the change agents, like certain events that disrupt our routines and make us question our beliefs. There’s nothing like the whole world’s beliefs being challenged and tested at the same time, to make us question our beliefs. If we don’t challenge our assumptions, then we continue to believe what one day, in hindsight, will appear to be self-evident.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.


Expect the unexpected

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It’s in the middle of the storm that we realize the chances we missed to secure our safety. When things are fine, we never think that a rainy day is coming. Life is all sunshine and rainbows until it isn’t, and the change happens pretty quickly. And when you’re in the storm, filled with anxiety and dread, all the things that could have made life easier flashes in front of you. If only you had prepared. Had a safe place to live, worked on your relationships and had people to support you, taken care of your health, had enough savings…

How to get off the couch and get started on your project

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So here we are thanks to a virus. Who would have dreamed that such a thing would happen in 2020? We are locked in our houses, and as good citizens, we are doing our part to combat the virus by doing absolutely nothing. No going out. No social events and no outings. Who thought that being lazy can have an advantage.

“Your grandparents were called to fight in wars, you are asked to wash your hands and sit on the couch. Don’t fuck this up”

But now that we have had a few days to sit on our asses, we…

A new lens to look at things

What a time to be alive. The world, which was seemingly glee about entering a new decade, has turned completely upside down, all in the span of a few weeks. Once in a century catastrophe, unforeseen, unpredictable, and unfathomable, it has affected every single person, all around the world in one way or another. Here we are, in the eye of the storm, stuck in our homes, not knowing where things are heading. Schools are closed, stock markets have crashed, airlines are grounded, the supermarkets are running low on bottled water, and a lot of people have explosive diarrhea apparently…

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No matter how many steps you took last year or how far you went. No matter how many miles you ran or swam. No matter how many times you hit the gym, squatted or lifted. No matter the number of books you read, words you wrote, thank you notes you sent. No matter the number of mountains you climbed, the oceans you crossed, the places you saw, the pictures you took. No matter the number of products you built, the art you created, the code you wrote. No matter the places you visited, stories you told, touches you felt, feelings…

Simple rules for getting and staying fit.

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It’s December, and some of you are already freaking out about your new year resolution of finally getting fit the coming year. Just like you had promised yourself last year. All that jazz and money spent on memberships and clothes that some IG model promotes, lasted for all of 20 days before you reverted back to your old ways of shoving chips and candy in your mouth till you pass out on a high of glucose, shame, and guilt. You then post a few more gym selfies on Instagram, cos well, you couldn’t let your followers know you have already…

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No patience, no space, no uninterrupted time. Constant noise and voices in our ears, every second, every minute from the time we wake up till we force ourselves to sleep. Can’t bare a second to be alone without our phones cos god forbid if we hear our own voice. Unlimited choices, people to meet, things to watch, music to listen, and things to learn. What our grandparents couldn’t get even if they moved halfway across the country is right here at our fingertips. Yet, here we are, complaining that there’s nothing to do, nothing to watch, no one to love…

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A swipe here, a swipe there. On average, 125 is the number of times you pick up, unlock, use, and lock your phone, a hundred and twenty-five times!! If the phone were a pair of dumbells, we would have arms of like Mr. Schwarzenegger . We have a watch on one hand, yet we need our phones to confirm the time, along with a confirmation that we haven’t missed any trivial idiotic reply from a so-called friend. What have we become?

Can’t walk without music, can’t cook without podcasts, can’t travel without the noise of someone else’s voice in our…

The people we overlook.

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If I asked you to name some people who you think are courageous, who would you name? Most people say, firefighters, the police, navy seals, first responders. And of course they are, and I agree. But there’s a group of people we miss out. We don’t see them cos they aren’t wearing a uniform, and being courageous isn’t part of their job. I’m talking about the people who make life-altering decisions. We all know people who can’t say one positive thing about the things they have and will bitch, moan and complain about everything from their boss to their mother…

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